10/25/2017 News

Ocean Clean Sweep® (OCS) Program

Total is engaged in the prevention of pellet loss.


Total is a founding member of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), an international program to prevent pellet loss in the environment and to fight marine litter.


You can now read Plastic Europe’s Press Release and the first comprehensive report on the implementation of this program in Europe, describing measures taken by member companies to prevent pellet loss.


To prevent marine litter, plastic products must be responsibly managed through their life cycle. With pellet containment programs, plastic manufactures play an important role. Launched by PlasticsEurope and other industry associations, the OCS program has resulted in half of its members, including Total, signing the OCS Pledge to implement various preventive measures for pellets within their companies, production sites and logistics value chain. In addition, a unique blower system was designed for the Total Feluy complex to pick up plastic pellets, resulting in a collection of three metric tons of pellets per month.


Total’s contributions to helping achieve the goal of ‘zero pellet loss’ involve:

•           Promoting Operation Clean Sweep® to customers and distributors of the association.

•           Managing the audit guidelines for manufacturing norms.

•           Demonstrating exemplary leadership.


To read more about OCS in Europe: www.opcleansweep.eu