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Many different applications but always one common goal for Total’s polymers : excellence in performances


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From Body care to Officeware; from Toys to Media Boxes; fast moving consumer goods applications (just to name a few)  are quite diverse and each of them has its own specific needs. Total is able to serve all of them thanks to its extensive portfolio range. 

PS, PP, PE The choice is yours

Grip feel, transparency, chemical resistance, flexibility are one of the many requirements that we are able to cover thanks to our presence in PE, PP, PS. With Total you’ll always have the opportunity to select the best polymer to match your performance needs and be cost effective.

Baby car seats

Baby seat

In baby car seats the rigidity/impact balance is of the utmost   importance. For the polymer that makes the protective case   a good rigidity is needed for the protection, but it should still   show a high energy absorption property to ensure the safety   of the child in case of impact. 

One of our impact copolymer , the PPC 6742,  provides an   excellent rigidity/impact balance and is easy to process,  making   it a very suitable grade in baby seats production.

Body care

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Razors and shaving systems can be made out of many materials and at Total we’d like to offer you all the choice there is.


With PS products that offer excellent rigidity to PP products that offer an excellent chemical resistance, we can offer a wide versatility of products which is unique in the market.

Helping you to improve sustainability of your products

In these diverse markets Total is here to help you make a difference and reduce your environmental footprint. This can be at all steps of the product life cycle from feedstocks to production and use down to the end of life management and recycling.


Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts to discuss about the best solution for your application.

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