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Alternative feedstocks

Total products can help you do more for the environment without compromising on performance



Through an innovative and technological project, Total Refining & Chemicals branch aims to help you achieve your environmental targets by using conventional polymers (PP, PE and PS) produced with bio-based feedstocks and mass-balance allocation.

Total has now commercially launched a full range of polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene) sourced from renewable feedstock produced in our La Mède biorefinery. Through mass balance certification, our entire European product range is readily available on an industrial scale. Total Certified Renewable Polymers are made from renewable feedstock such as vegetable oil. This provides to our customers an industrial drop-in solution to face the urgent challenge of sustainability in the most demanding markets such as food contact applications. The certification of our Certified Renewable Polymers through the ISCC PLUS system ensures the full traceability from the renewable feedstock to the final use of the polymer. It also guarantees the highest environmental and societal standards in the sourcing of the bio feedstock, thereby guaranteeing the absence of deforestation in the production of the bio-feedstock.

A life cycle analysis of our Certified Renewable Polymers performed by CIRAIG (International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services) indicates that up to 2.5 kg CO2 are saved for every kg of polymer produced when compared to the production from conventional fossil feedstock.