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10/14/2016 News

New PS 1080 for better TV & LED lighting in China

General Purpose Polystyrene product Grade 1080 has been upgraded recently for supporting its Chinese customers in the quest of high demand in the light diffuser plate (LDP) and light guide plate (LGP) markets. The upgraded 1080 provides good transmittance and low haze while keeping the plate much thinner and lighter than ever! Both LDP and LGP are applied in the TV, lighting, and light box for advertisement, etc. Please contact our Chinese team for details: Email [email protected] Tel: (86 757) 8751 7120.


通用聚苯乙烯牌号1080的升级,为追求卓越表现的扩散板(LDP)与导光板(LGP)中国客户,提供最非凡的解决方案。升级后的1080,加强了透光率和雾度表现,同时让扩散板和导光板更薄更轻!产品能应用于电视机、灯光、广告灯箱等。查询中国销售团队:电邮:[email protected] 电话:(86 757) 8751 7120