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Gravity Pipes: PP Heavy Duty Grades for Sewage and Drainage

PP pipes can be part of the answer to waste water management challenges

Plastic piping solutions enable an up to 10-fold reduction of pipe weight over traditional materials like concrete.

Total’s latest PP generation provides even further reduction of pipe weight without compromising on durability and impact properties.

Among the many benefits our grades have to offer you will find flexibility, durability, a broad temperature window and high abrasion resistance.

The typical applications for these grades range from indoor waste and soil discharge to underground sewage and drainage (smooth or corrugated/structure wall).



Improving the sustainability of gravity pipes

Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, products and services is part of Total’s strategy.

Be sure to look for the Total Ecosolutions PPC 1645 or  PPH 1060 that allow for a more efficient use of fossil resources for your pipes.

You can also find out more about Total’s Ecosolutions program here.


PPC 1645 for full wall sewerage pipes

Pipes made with PPC 1645 exceed all requirements for high stiffness pipes at lowest wall thickness permitted by European norms.

Impact resistance is at the highest level to warrant trouble-free installation in subzero conditions.

The tailored additivation package warrants long term performance under nearly all operating conditions.


PPH 1060 for mineral modified pipes

PPH 1060 is a polypropylene homopolymer that has been specifically developed for the production of mineral modified pipes used in sewerage and drainage applications.

The pipes are produced in an extrusion process during which PPH 1060 is mixed with a mineral filler, generally CaCO3.

Thanks to its tailor made molecular weight distribution, PPH 1060 is able to absorb much more mineral filler even up to 50 wt%.

PPH 1060 also exhibits high crystalinity for superior thermal and chemical resistance and comes with an adapted stabilization package to provide high temperature resistance and long service life.

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