Hygiene Non Wovens

high quality hygiene Non woven

Polypropylene  – for high quality hygiene non woven

Total offers high quality polyolefins to the non woven market, designed for existing or state-of-the-art spunlaid lines. Total has developed specific solutions for downgauging and improving softness with finer filaments.

Total polyolefins product range for non woven fibers:

- Total PPH 9099 is a Standard Ziegler-Natta, controlled rheology PP homopolymer which gives excellent quality, product consistency and processability on any spunlaid lines.

- Total Lumicene®MR 2001 is a Metallocene-based PP homopolymer, ideal for the production of fine denier. The key features that Total Lumicene® MR 2001 offers are: highest quality consistency, finer filaments (improved web coverage and softness), low VOC emissions, improved filament tenacity and increased non woven strength.

- Total Polyethylene FG850 and FG950 for soft touch non woven. Polyethylene grades FG850 & FG950 are produced by Total US for use in bicomponent (PP core / PE sheath) spunbond structures.

Polypropylene  – for high quality staple fibers

- Total PPH 7059 is a Ziegler-Natta PP homopolymer with a MFI of 13 g/10’. It is a reference raw material for the hygiene non woven market and is ideally designed for the production of fine dtex staple fibers according to the long spin process.

- Total PPH 7059 features outstanding quality consistency, very low gel level, and is perfectly adapted for the production of fibers intended for calender bonded nonwovens. It may also be considered for spunlace non wovens, core of bicomponent fibers and trilobal fibers.




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