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Hygiene Backsheet

The ultimate solution for A highly demanding market

Lumicene® PE – the ideal solution for hygiene backsheet

Lumicene® and Lumicene Supertough® are polyethylene designed to meet all requirements related to the production of the film and to its performance as backsheet: processability, drawability, low gel level, mechanical properties and calcium carbonate dispersion.

Total Lumicene® PE range for hygiene backsheet covers a wide range of meltindexes suitable for cast as well as blown film backsheet production. Lumicene® and Lumicene Supertough® products benefit from the combination of a unique molecular design and the technology expertise to achieve low neck-in and excellent drawability at high speed, proper adhesion to PP nonwoven, good blendability with LDPE & LLDPE, excellent compatibility with CaCO3 compounds and low extruder pressure. In addition, Total offers a wide range of densities so that you can downgauge your film without compromising the backsheet performance.


Total Lumicene®
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