Stand-Up Pouch

Lumicene® & Lumicene Supertough® PE for non retort pouches 


Stand-Up Pouch is a fast growing market: compared to traditional packaging, it can offer significant advantages in terms of production, shipping and warehousing costs while reducing CO2 emissions.

However it is a challenging packaging format to ensure goods protection and meet demanding organoleptic requirements.

For non retort pouches Total offers a full range of metallocene grades: Lumicene®  and Lumicene Supertough®  exhibits excellent organoleptic properties, tailored sealing (temperature / force) and superior mechanical properties (including flex crack resistance, dart drop and tear resistance).

TOTAL PPC - FOr retort pouches

A significant part of the food packaging and pet food packaging markets requires a retort treatment in the  production process to increase the shelf life of its content. To meet this request, stand-up pouches need resistance to demanding high temperature/time - retort treatment. 

Total’s solution for retort pouches is to use its impact copolymer range especially Total PPC 3660 and Total PPC 2660 in the sealing layer of the laminated pouch.  Both offer a high quality sealing before and after the pouch goes through the retort process.

Total offers you the perfect products to make a state-of-the-art stand-up pouch  for both retort & non retort process.

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