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Dry Food Packaging


Total has tuned its BOPP grades to optimize the key properties of the final packaging while maximizing the output of the BOPP production line (reduced down time, stable quality)

Here are some of the products Total offers:

  • Total PPH 3051 & Total PPH 4050 have been reference raw materials for the European BOPP industry for many years and are highly valued for their excellent product consistency.
  • Total PPH 4070 features high crystallinity while keeping very good process and stretching abilities, as well as low catalyst residues.
  • Total PPH 4030 is an extra clean resin with customized additivation for sensitive cavitation processes.

In addition, the above mentioned products are available upon request on non-phthalate catalysis.

TOTAL PP - For Cast film Dry food packaging


Total offers you a wide grade slate of cast film grades to optimize the recipe of the cast film so that your customers get exactly the stiffness, sealing properties and optics they require.

Moreover Total supplies barefoot and additivated homopolymers and random copolymers, so you can get the correct coefficient of friction.

Here are some of the products we offer:

  • Total PPH 6080 & PPH 6088 will give your cast film the correct stiffness & planarity.
  • Total PPR  6288, PPR 6290 and PPR 6298 feature high optics and fast sealing behaviour. Moreover by offering you additivated and barefoot resins you can fine-tune the coefficient of friction of your cast film.
  • Total PPC 3660 is an impact copolymer especially designed for high quality film with high mechanical properties

Lumicene® PE – for blown film - Dry food packaging


Lumicene® HDPE are designed to meet the requirements of high demanding film for dry food with barrier protection to preserve food’s crispiness. 

Here are some of the products we offer:

  • Lumicene® M6012EP offers excellent water vapor barrier properties  to ensure the food’s crispiness and boosted optical properties for a high density material.
  • Lumicene® M5510EP offers excellent water vapor barrier properties  to ensure the food’s crispiness and boosted  mechanical properties for a high performance packaging.


Total Lumicene®

Grade Slate Total