Heavy Duty Bags

Total’s solution for Heavy duty bags

Lumicene Supertough® PE – for Heavy duty Bags

Packers need  a  high converting ease  and need to assure  the  mechanical resistance of the bags (creep resistance and impact resistance). When facing  the increasing line speed  and the  growing demand for downgauging , achieving this balance becomes a challenge.

Total’s solution  for FFS and  Heavy duty bags is its metallocene range: Lumicene®and Lumicene Supertough®offering superior mechanical properties (including dart drop impact  and tear resistance) and a high creep resistance .

Lumicene  Supertough® offers  excellent bubble stability, mechanical properties and down gauging potential.  Converters can combine one layer of Supertough with other  materials and even with regrind from post consumer waste in the inner layers to ensure  cost savings and increased sustainability. Lumicene Supertough® will act as a booster for the mechanical properties of the bag.

The best example is the in house  success story of the Total Polymer bags.

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