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Natural Polymers for resins for compounders


@Jag_cz / Fotolia

Thanks to our vast portfolio of natural resins in Polyethylene (PEHD, PELD, EVA), Polyproylene and Polystyrene compounders can find many options to help them develop new innovative compounds in diverse fields ranging from masterbatches to appliances.

Our materials provide unique features with all the flexibility and properties needed for a good compoundability. Our complete range can be found here.

Our experts can tell you more about which products to choose for optimized performances and how to avoid negative additive interactions.

Specific and tailor made compounds for specialties applications

We have also developed specialty compounds to respond to the needs of some very specific and demanding markets such as electrically conductive compounds for industrial packaging industry and have various tailor made options dedicated to the rotomolding industry.

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