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Clean Holidays

Engaged in the prevention of littering

As a partner of Vacances Propres, our Group works with local communities to fight against litter and encourage citizens to change their littering habits outside of the home. We stand by our social responsibilities and strive to develop communal good citizen values and respect for our environment.

Since 2000, Total has supported the organization Vacances Propres (Clean Holidays), an awareness campaign that provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions to littering and that involves important stakeholders: business and professional organizations, local authorities and the general public.

Vacances Propres participates in the Clean Europe Network, a federation of like-minded programs throughout Europe that shares their experiences, expertise, best practices and results of their research to improve the fight against litter throughout the EU.

The organization also works in partnership with the Association of Mayors of France and, as of 2015, with the Ministry of Ecology. The  association hands out millions of its signature bags to local authorities:

2.4 million bags were used in 2015!

Their 2015 national campaign "You can leave a beautiful mark on earth" was widely recognized and won an Audience Award for large outdoor advertising. This campaign drives home the point that individuals are responsible for litter and that citizens can take personal responsibility to change their habits and properly dispose of plastic waste products.

88,000 tons of litter is dumped into the environment each year, an uncivil gesture that threatens biodiversity and that does not enter the traditional collection circuits; they will be neither recycled nor treated. These products discarded in nature hamper efforts, in both recycling and eco-design, to minimize their environmental impact.

The joint contribution of stakeholders is expected to move towards a comprehensive and lasting solution to litter pollution.