Reducing the carbon footprint is a major challenge for the markets we serve


Kids and Recycling

To that end, we actively contribute by developing products that play a direct role in the reduction of materials and weight needed for various applications including packaging and automobiles.

We recognize that waste streams containing plastics represent a significant and often unused opportunity to further reduce the carbon footprint of our polymers, which is why at Total we are developing solutions using renewable bio-sourced and recycled feedstocks.

Plastics should not end up in landfills nor thrown in nature. This behavior harms the environment and feeds the negative image of plastic despite their important contribution to everyday life. Total actively supports initiatives in awareness and education.


Circular compounds

Total is responding to customer demands and increasing European pressure developing ready-to-use surperclean post-consumer rPE for blow moulding. This product serves cosmetic, household and industrial applications.


Booster resins

We develop outperforming resins to help our customers reach their targets in terms of sustainability. As a result, those resins allow incorporation of a higher content of recycled material.


On the way to recycling

Total is committed to better plastic end of life. Hence we are ready to engage with partners on specific projects dealing with better recycling, waste management or eco-design.

Let’s work together on a better life.